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Fingo - Real time attendance machine
  • Onnet Fingo offers an authentic and reliable solution for an individual’s identity. Onnet Fingo fingerprint recognition system - An automated method of verifying a match between human fingerprints. As fingerprint of every person is unique, it offers a very secure and reliable attendance monitoring. No buddy punching/ proxy attendance is possible.

    Managing employee time and tracking attendance manually is a frustrating activity known only to a Business Owner or a HR Manager. Fingo Plus attendance management software captures time and attendance data right from the fingerprint biometric devices or other time keeping devices without any human intervention to manage employee time and productivity efficiently.

    An automated Time & Attendance system will reduce your administrative costs by ensuring that you are only paying your employees for the time that you have scheduled them to work. The bottom line, however, is that an automated system simply does not make the mistakes that are unavoidable when using manual payroll calculation.

    Fingo Plus enables your organization to provide a seamless staffing experience. By streamlining internal Key HR operations, it provides a wealth of benefits, including employee development and productivity.


    Time and attendance software makes your employee-related costs available in a measurable format, allowing management to spend less time on activities that have no added-value. Our systems can be customized to work seamlessly with your existing HR systems and adapted to adhere to relevant working rules and directives, allowing you to make the most advantageous decisions rapidly and with full peace of mind.

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  • Technical Specifications :

    Schedule Bell Embedded

    ·         Download Data : USB Pen Drive

    ·         Also Provide basic access control

    ·         Power :DC9V, Voltage :100V~240V

    ·         User Templates:3,000, Transaction:100,000

    ·         Display: Screen 2.8’’ Color TFT High Resolution

    ·         Optional : ID card reading, TCPIP communication

    ·         Can Configure backup battery, it support running for 4 hours,

    ·         so that you can easily move it or running in case of power failure.

    ·         Communication:RS232/485,USB-host, USB Stick, TCPIP(optional)

    ·         Language :English,Spanish,Germany,French,Portugal,Turkish,Italian,Russian,Thailand.etc.

    ·         Can configure GPRS module so that it can transfer data remotely with wireless method.


    ·         Attraction Points: TFT Screen; Fast Speed; Simple Access; Multi port and language;

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