Minuto - 3G & Broadband 11n Router
  • Onnet Minuto, YOUR  TRAVEL  Partner.


    Minuto  Pocket 3G & Broadband11n Router is  a compact Device with Stylish Design & Loaded  with  State of  art technology  keeping  in mind  the 100 %  Mobility  &  100 %  Plug  and  Play  means     ZERO  Programming  Requirements. 


    TOP of  the Line  STYLE /  LOOK / FEATURES / Cost  Effectiveness makes  MINUTO  as  Industry’s  Finest product  in its  segment  & MUST  TO HAVE   Companion of   Business Executives and  Young  Students  who are  always on a  MOVE


    Minuto  is  the  Most versatile  and  Plug and Play  device be  at  Hotel  / Park,  Cable 


    Connection / 3G-4G  USB  Modem  is   required  to just  plugged-in  &  group of  people can start using High Speed Internet Anytime Anywhere …!!


    SMARTAUTO SENSING  USB PORT Minuto is  ready to accept  any  3G/4G USB  MODEM  / SMART Phone  in India  and  25 other countries. Be it   GSM  or  CDMA USB MODEM   Just  Plug it to USB SLOT  and  Start Using  high speed  Wireless  Internet  connections .


    Specially designed TOP USB interface offers vertical placement  of  USB modem for best internet signal coverage and Gain utilization of integrated antenna to offer Maximum possible internet speed to Wi Fi users.


     Minuto is your truly  surf on the GO Partner 

     MINUTO  is your  Future  Proof  & Safest Investment . it is Ready for present  3G & immediate  Future  4G / LTE  Technology that takes you to super fast  42 Mbps   MOBILE  BROAD BAND  SPEED   …  


    MINUTO Can also be  used  at  MISSION  CRITICAL  Operations  where  3G/4G broadband can be  Kept  as  STAND BY  to Fixed line broadband.  In-case  the fixed line drops out, the connection will be automatically switched to 3G/4G to ensure uninterrupted  non-stop network services.

    • Palm Sized Universal 3G USB Plug and Play Broadband 11n Router.

    • 1 USB port, 1 LAN & 1 WAN port with Power Adaptor or can be Power it  through the USB port.

    • High speed internet access for multiple devices through a single mobile broadband. account. Ideal Companion for Apple iPad, iPod touch and Sony PSP etc(Smart Thetering feature allows you to use 3G for voice and data simultenously).

    • *HSDPA Downlink speed up to 7.2 mbps / HSUPA uplink up to 5.76mbps.

    • Internet on the go :Stay connected ANYTIME  ANYWHERE.

    • Universal operator free device that can be used with virtually any 2G/3G/4G  Operator  in the country  or  with  any  BB Connection  or  LAN  Interface  of  network .

    • No lock-in period and easy migration.

    • Multiple access through various wi-fi enabled devices, share and connect your devices simultaneously.


    3G Card

    USB port  for 2G/3G Data Modem.


    Built-in wi-fi antenna.

    Data Rate

    3.5G: Up to 7.2Mbps (Support 2G/3G/3.5G/3.75G)
    WiFi:  802.11n (Max 150Mbps), 802.11g (Max 54Mps), 802.11b (Max 11Mbps)
    LAN:  802.3/802.3u (10/100Mbps)


    MAC/IP/Port Filtering, Port Forwarding, DMZ, SystemSecurity, Content Filtering.

    NAT with SPI mode. DoS detection Automatic failover function -AN/3G.


    Power : 5V 1amp, USB
    LED: Wi-fi mode/ LAN mode, 2G/3G signal,3G card status, WAN Access status.
    Management : Web and SNMP DDNS, UPnP, VoIp,DHCp, NAT,Virtual server,DMZ host.


    1x 10/100Mbps WAN/LAN RJ-45 port
    1x PCMCIA Type 2 slot or 1x USB2 port.

    Network Settings

    WAN,LAN 1x10/100,Auto RJ45 MDI/MDX,DHCP clients, Advanced routing,Qos
    Packet Filtering & URL Blocking


    HSUPA mode: Category 6; Uplink: Up to 7.2 mbps
    HSDPA: 14.4Mbps; QPSK, 16QAM/64QAM
    EDGE:  172Kbps; GMSK
    WCDMA: 384Kbps;QPSK, HPSK
    EVDO:  3.1Mbps;QPSK, 8PSK, 16QAM
    WLAN:  802.11b/g/n. WAN:xDSl/Cable Modem

    Network Features

    NAT: One-to-Many NAT, Virtual Server, DMZ. VPN : PP2P,L2P,IPSEC Logging,Syslog,email.Routing : RipV1 & V2.


    Mobile (External): HSPA/UMTS/EVDO
    WLAN: IEEE 802.11n(150mbps), 802.11g(54Mbps), 802.11b(11mbps)
    WAN: xDSL/Cable Modem

    Wi-Fi Security

    Security:WEP 64/128,WPA and WPA2.


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     Minuto- 3G & Broadband Wifi Router 0.00

    Mini Universal 3G Enabled Broadband Wifi 802.11n Router with 1 LAN & 1 WAN port, 1 USB and wi-fi speeds upto 150 mbps A TRUE TRAVEL PARTNER !

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     Nova+ Universal 3G USB Modem 0.00

    Universal 3G USB Modem that can be used with any 3G Service provider. Simply plug into the USB MODEM or ETHERNET BB / LAN of the network to USB or LAN/WAN port of the router and allow multiple access through your 3G connection

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