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Executive Summary – Onnet Technology India 

Overview :

Onnet Technology India is a Green Initiative inspired company.

Our core focus is on twofold, effective solutions for wireless industry and alternate power products and solutions for Soho, SME and ICT industry.

Onnet Technology India aims to make the best of one of the most progressive business environments offered in the country having registered office at Ahmedabad Gujarat.   

Focus Areas:

The first year of operations of Onnet Technolgy India is a consolidation phase for identifying market trends and developing innovative solutions and products.

Initial focus areas will be twofold, solutions for the networking industry and hybrid alternate energy solutions for Soho, SME and SMME markets. 

Future roadmap includes projects for micro and rural communities.

Management Team Profile :


Mr. Himanshu Shah : Founder & MD

After hugely successful business forays of group companies, Mr Himanshu Shah has identified Green Energy as the focal business initiative of the group.

 Mr. Himanshu Shah is Founder and MD at Onnet technology India.         A generation first enterpreneure, Mr.Shah displays an almost evangelistic fervour about Greening the Planet. His vision through Onnet Technology India is to create an effective linkage between energy and technology, income generation and poverty reduction.

His mandate to his team –“Identify community issues related to Energy, technology, micro-finance and develop innovative solutions.


Core Team Members :


The core team managing the business enterprise consists of the following. 

Mr. Shivbhadra Vyas – Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Shivbhadra Vyas is head of retail marketing functions in the organization and has more than 15 years of retail sales experience with some of the largest Telco’s and Broadband Wireless Access companies in India .

Mr Vyas joins the core team after a successful stint at Tata Communications as their Channel Sales Manager Mumbai


Mr. Harshad Sejpal – Chief Finance Officer

Mr. Harshad is head of finace, accounts and other allied assignments of the organisation. He has more than 25 years of experience in this field. He was associated with Lalbhai Group of Companies for more than 10 years.

Mr.Harshad joins the core team after successful carees with leading companies.


Mr. Siljan Devassy – Administrator 

Mr. Siljan is head of logistics and administration of the organisation. He has more than 17 years of secreterial experience with couple of the largest companies of India.

Mr. Siljan joins the core team after a successful stint at Reliance group of companies as a coordinator in various projects.



Business Activity :

OTI business activities are in three broad categories nationally & internationaly :

[1] Netowrking Retail Products :

3G / 4G / LTE Based  High Speed wireless gadgets like CPE [USB Modems,Routers,Network sharing CPE] addressing needs for SOHO Segment.

[2] Power Products : 

Power banks for low voltage electronics gadgets. like Mobile phones/ Smart phones/ Tablets/ MP3/MP4/PSP/ Ipod/ Ipad...

 [3] Softwares & Solutions :

 Saral FPS  Software application for Fair price shop. 

Online biling For Petrolium retail outlet.